About Our Company

Logica Informatica srl is a young company that was born with experience of more than twenty years of its operators, in information technology and telecommunications

It was born to develop innovation, understood in its technological, scientific and managerial joints in favor of the social and cultural development, through the implementation of concrete projects for the benefit of the community in areas identified as primary points for technological efficiency, sustainable development, youth education , preservation and use of artistic heritage, culture and tourism.


A Word From The CEO

In  the year 2000 a tragic personal loss grieved Roberto Manchia, partner and CEO of the company, leading to the loss of his wife after a long sickness.

From this experience it came out the idea of working on innovative technological projects able to improve the quality of life of people affected by different types of physical and mental disabilities.

The basic idea was to work on social issues, but through competitive and innovative business projects able to produce  a relevant employment impact

Roberto Giulio Manchia
Entrepreneur, CEO

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